Coaching & Consulting

Across the planet, old structures are colliding into new emergent systems. This moment in time, marks a radical shift from the hyper-individualistic through the green-meme, into an integrated way of being.

But this capacity of interconnectivity, dynamism and sensitivity needs to expand on a systemic-collective and an organismic-individual level first.

Octoco untangles and integrates the systemic with the collective by infusing deep 1-1 coaching and leadership development, with meta-perspective sense-making, facilitation, strategy, creation and consulting.

Leadership Development

To lead means to fully own the entire moment – you, them, us. To practice in distinguishing what’s going on, so that empowered decision can be made and new creations are brought into the world. By unfolding awareness into one’s own blind-spots, while also diving deep into one’s own Being, we create space to make the seemingly impossible a reality.

Process Facilitation

The emergence of more dynamic, integrated, autonomous and decentralised social-organisms (ex. companies) marks a shift in not just what we do, but in how we do it. What empowers these systems, is to be held in the process of finding their own way of being, relating, and interacting.

Org Devevelopment

In these dynamically evolving social-organisms, org-design, language, lore, structures and systems become critically important to develop, as this is the foundation, that orientates and guides these highly complex ships (one’s that are being steered, while they are being built).

As Coach I'm A


I’m trained in the art of Ontological Coaching. A modality of coaching that empowers the Doing (action, planning, building) while grounding into the depth of our Being (authenticity, essence, passion, vision, purpose).

Just as the owl sits with deep calmness and clear sight. We sit together in session, to bring shared awareness to your life and the depth of your humanity.

As consultant I'm a


Throughout my life, I find deep joy in grasping wide, deep and complex systems. Dancing between the very small and the very large. And always striving to stabilise, integrate and empower the whole.

Like an octopus with eight highly sensitive and autonomous arms. We dive deep to sense, engage and create emerging structures and systems that are needed at that moment.

Maximilian Hachtmann






Along my life, I have come to realise a natural and trained ability to sense emerging constellations, synthesize moving complexity, create dynamic systems and engage in deeply reflective relationships.

I use these gifts to empower companies and leaders, to transform our planet through the radical realisation of the individual and collective Self – in relationship with the world around us.